High-Speed Connectivity

Our flagship service is high-speed internet connectivity.

Installation and Configure

We specialize in setting up robust Wifi networks for homes and businesses.

Fiber Network Installation

Fiber-optic technology is the future of internet connectivity, offering

Network Security

Keeping your online activities secure is paramount.

Quality Services Pan

Welcome to KNET Broadband Co., Ltd, your trusted partner in delivering advanced Wi-Fi and Fiber network solutions. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services designed to meet the ever-growing demands of both residential and business customers. Here’s an overview of the services we provide:

Cutting-Edge Technology

KNET Broadband Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of technological innovation in the telecommunications industry. Their dedication to staying up to date with the latest advancements ensures that customers receive the best-in-class services. KNET Broadband's investment in cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure

Reliable Connectivity

Reliability is the cornerstone of KNET Broadband's services. Whether it's for residential use or critical business operations, customers can depend on KNET Broadband's Wi-Fi and cable networks 24/7. KNET Broadband's infrastructure is designed to minimize downtime, ensuring uninterrupted service that customers can rely on when they need it most.

High-Speed Internet

In today's digital age, speed is of the essence. KNET Broadband understands this and provides lightning-fast internet connections that enable seamless streaming, rapid downloads, and lag-free online gaming. Their high-speed internet plans cater to both individual households and large-scale corporate requirements.

Our Service Plans

အကန့်အသတ်မဲ့ဒေတာ မြန်နှုန်းမြင့် ဖိုင်ဘာအင်တာနက်၊ (၁၂) လကြိုသွင်း - ၃ လ အခမဲ့၊ (၆) လကြိုသွင်း - ၁ လ အခမဲ့၊ (၃)လကြိုသွင်း - တပ်ဆင်ခ အခမဲ့


21 Mbps - 30000 Kyats / Month


30 Mbps - 41000 Kyats / Month


45 Mbps - 51000 Kyats / Month


70 Mbps - 71000 Kyats / Month


120 Mbps - 111000 Kyats / Month

For Business

Please call 014705788


အသေးစိတ်သိရှိလိုပါက 014705788 သို့ဆက်သွယ်မေးမြန်းနိုင်ပါသည်။



We are not merely a provider of Wi-Fi Network and Fiber Network services; we are catalysts for change and innovation. Our commitment to connectivity extends beyond delivering high-speed internet. We actively engage in a range of projects and activities that shape the future of connectivity for individuals, businesses, and communities. Here\'s a glimpse into our projects and activities.

19 Aug, 2023

Demystifying WiFi and Wireless Technology

We believe in empowering you with knowledge to make informed choices about your connectivity needs. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or someone seeking clarity on the world of wireless communication, this brief overview of WiFi and wireless technology is here to help.

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17 Aug, 2023

Fiber to Home Network – FTTH

We are dedicated to delivering the latest in cutting-edge connectivity solutions. One of the most transformative technologies in the world of internet connectivity today is Fiber to Home (FTTH) Network. This overview is designed to help you understand what FTTH is and how it can revolutionize your online experience.

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